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20 Easy and Healthy Wok Recipes from 3-5 Ingredients


Are you working hard and live a busy life? Are you in search for the best recipes that are quick, easy and of course, healthy? Wok meals are a great way to achieve all these goals! It is important to properly plan and maintain a healthy diet to keep yourself and your family feeling great. Wok meals are quick and easily planned so you can safely feel like you have time and energy to prepare a healthy meal at the end of a busy day. Heat up your wok and let’s get started with these 3 to 5 ingredient wok recipes!

#20 Pepper Steak

20 Easy and Healthy Wok Recipes
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Peppers, mushrooms and ginger provide the main source of flavor for this juicy recipe. Combine in your heated wok: chopped green yellow and red pepper, beef steak, a sprinkling of ginger and lemon pepper, plus a ½ cup of soy sauce per 2 servings of beef. Stir and cook until beef is thoroughly prepared and serve over rice.



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